Eye of The Storm.

Its a rainy night and the heavenly clouds fall down in broken streaks. They remind me of tears these drops and I wish heaven would bless my cheeks with torrents like these.
The way the moon defies the clouds and paints a contrasting picture of silver and grey on the eastern horizon reminds me of his eyes.
His wise brown eyes set in deep sockets that eclipse the colour of his brown skin. He loves the moon almost as much as I love those eyes and their glint in the darkness that was my life. The way they lit up as his words washed away the soot coating my heart much like the rain does the dust on my windows now.
I marvel at the clarity of this rainy night and the irony of the raging storm within me;a stark painful contrast.
There’s a tornado within me churning my insides and nauseating me to tears despite the sweet petrichor hanging in the air.
There’s a dozen emotions dancing in the waves of this storm .
Loneliness blows at the edges, chasing the Love in oscillatory futile motions. Frustration is dancing violently close to Disappointments ,saddled with Lust and this maddening Longing.
But these are not at the centre of my despair.
The days are rolling into each other and the moon keeps its orbit around the earth and still I have no word from my lost torn love.
I am fraught with Worry for I am two souls in a body now.
We, in our passionate abandon,have made clots of life from drops of bodily fluids ; A bastard child.

This is the eye of the storm.


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